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GSTEP otimises Morais Leitão’s budget process

GSTEP is once again the company chosen by Morais Leitão, this time for the implementation of the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) technology solution, which allowed the law firm to reduce the time it takes to prepare its budget by more than 50%, enabling the involvement of all areas of the organization, including the consolidation of management budgets of the various entities of the Morais Leitão Legal Circle network. This solution also knows the calculation of profitability, not only for each lawyer, but also for each department, entity or geography, in a simple and fast way.


Industry & Services


Business Intelligence


Industry & Services

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

  • Parametrisation of 10 users
  • Implementation of 3-level workflow
  • Contemplated entities spread over 4 geographies
  • Team consisting of 1 project manager and 2 consultants
  • Solution implemented in 3 months


For budgeting, consolidation and reporting purposes, Morais Leitão used Microsoft Excel. The work of collecting data, consolidating all the information from different Excel sheets and disseminating the information for reporting purposes, was a lengthy and painful process, with a huge waste of time and costs for the responsible teams. The tool used, not being a corporate tool, turned out to be insufficient in view of the needs expressed by the various entities and departments.

It was imperative that the law firm found a solution to overcome the difficulties inherent to budgeting and budgetary control processes, such as the integration and aggregation of different geographically dispersed entities, constant changes in structure, the incorporation of new data sources or the slowness in maintaining Excel files.

GSTEP brought together the best conditions ofr carrying out the project, since it incorporates teams with extensive experience in carrying out BI projects and Budget Planning and Control and has strong knowledge in the selected technology (oracle PBCS). Additionally, Morais Leitão had already worked with GSTEP, in the implementation of the BI project at an earlier stage, recognizing its competence and reiterating its trust in GSTEP.

Jorge Carvalheiro,

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