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Performance Management

Performance Management

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Nowadays a manager cannot waste time reconciling numbers on spreadsheets and spending countless hours “cooking” with numbers that are scattered all over the place.

Organizations increasingly need solutions that enable them to react quickly to changes in last-minute assumptions, allowing the incorporation of important data that provides relevant information to help make decisions.

Increasingly, the manager has to free himself from time-consuming procedures (e.g. consolidating data from various sources into Excel sheets).

Enterprise Performance Management Solutions will give you more time to prepare the budget, the organization will have the opportunity, not only to build budgets closer to what is the operationalization of tactical and strategic plans, but also to devote itself deeply to monitoring the activity of the organization, analysing whether or not it has critical deviations that require corrective measures by the manager.

In a time of great uncertainty, how can we quickly simulate different scenarios?

How to calculate the impact of a sudden drop in sales and compare with the current budget?

How can I monitor the execution of my budget in real time?

What do we need to perform predictive analysis quickly and accurately?

How will I reflect the introduction of a new product in my budget?

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Planning and Budgetary Control



Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

Our solutions, based on Oracle technology, will transform your budget nightmares into truly collaborative budgeting and planning processes, with full autonomy and independence from the major key users in the processes inherent to planning, consolidation and reporting.


Being a complete solution in a single and integrated platform, with the inclusion of all EPM processes and configurable content through best practices, this solution will allow decision makers to focus on monitoring and tracking the budgetary and financial management of their organization. 

Why GSTEP’s Budget Planning and Control solution?


  • Significant reduction in the time and resources (human and financial) dedicated to planning, control and information consolidation processes;
  • Possibility of making projections and simulations, with comparison of different scenarios; 
  • Integration of information from different sources; 
  • Involvement of a wider community of users, with a submission and approval workflow; 
  • Obtainment of current and reliable financial information.

Our Consolidation solution is a global solution, covering all closing, consolidation, data collection and reporting activities.

Taking advantage of the solution’s native functionalities, developed based on best practices, the solution allows speeding up implementations, reducing the time and effort involved.

The cash flow statement, balance sheet, profit and loss account, among others, are calculated automatically, as well as the organisation’s main performance metrics.

It also provides the necessary automatisms for an integrated connectivity with the main source systems, such as ERP and others, to meet the needs of consolidation and closure.

Multi-GAAP, multi-currency with currency conversion, inter-company eliminations, equity eliminations, adjustments and detailed control of flows and data are some of the main native functionalities available in this solution.

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