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Success Stories,
where our mail goal is to create value

What’s your challenge? Discover upselling opportunities? Discover patterns in the shopping basket? Identify likely cases of fraud? Reduce costs? Optimize resourses?

See how other organizations have made remarkable gains in these Success Stories and count on us to take your business to the next level!

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GSTEP optimises Morais Leitão’s budget control process

GSTEP helps AdvanceCare monitor fraud scenarios

Luz Saúde Group entrusts GSTEP with data integration

GSTEP improves business processes at Lusitania Seguros

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GSTEP automates Planning and Budgetary Control solution at one of the largest Insurance Companies in Portugal

GSTEP implements Sales app at Lusitania

Casos de sucesso-GSTEP-Morais-Leitão

GSTEP agiliza reporting da Morais Leitão


We are a team of excellence with over a decade of experience in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Business Analytics, with hundreds of projects already implemented. We are fully involved in the success of our customers and share powerful know-how with them, both in terms of technology and in terms of business, with the goal of maximizing their performance.

We offer unique skills and can make a difference by implementing analytical solutions. Since the beginning we have had sustained and steady growth, both in terms of turnover and in terms of the team, technologies and business areas.

Business Areas:
Insurance, Health, Logistics, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Administration, Industry.

Our mission: is to generate lasting, trustworthy, beneficial relationships, always focused on the main goal: to create value. We offer our current and future customers extensive experience in their business area, speeding up implementation while reducing risks. In addition, we permanently update our teams on the latest trends and technologies in the market, such as Analytics, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and Machine Learning, where we have highly innovative national and international projects.

Our vision: To be recognized as the leading expert company in the areas where we operate.

Our values: are based on Trust, Competency and Commitment.

Location: Portugal (headquarters), Spain and Mozambique.

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