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GSTEP implements Sales app at Lusitania

In order to maximise the response capability of the Sales Network, in what concerns requests analysis (acceptance, acceptance with alterations or rejection), Lusitania has equipped this area with a fast, agile electronic channel. Available 24/7 and accessible at all levels of the Sales hierarchy, the new mobile application (app) is fast, intuitive and controllable.


Lusitania Seguros




Business Intelligence



Mobile App

• App available for IOS and Android devices
• Mean function invoking and execution time < 3 seconds
• Online data synchronicity
• Simple app, easy to use; no training required
• The Sales network does not need to use a PC to analyse and process requests


Already an example to follow in what concerns innovation and implementation of the best technological solutions, Lusitania, one of the largest Insurance Companies in Portugal, has now launched a new app.

The objective of this app is to maximise the response capability and speed of the Sales Network, in what concerns the analysis of requests submitted by Brokers (acceptance, acceptance with alterations or rejection). A simple touch is all it takes to view all information required for a robust, albeit fast and efficient, decision-making process.

Nonetheless, a project of this type entails a series of challenges, including the following:

• Development of a mobile application (app)
• Available 24/7
• Fast
• Controllable
• Accessible at all levels of the Sales hierarchy

As no mobile application was available at Lusitania for this purpose, Sales data processing could only be performed via a PC/Desktop, which forced Sales teams to use their laptops and 3G dongles to access the central system.

However, the Insurance Company felt the need to speed up requests analysis, in order to maximise business efficiency. The many projects jointly developed by Lusitania and GSTEP and its partnership with MicroStrategy were determining in the choosing of GSTEP to implement this project.

We managed to implement an innovative, agile solution in only one and a half months, thanks to the commitment and professionalism of GSTEP and MicroStrategy. We are currently measuring the mean response time to requests and performing year-over-year comparisons, in order to evaluate improvements. Nevertheless, the feedback we have already received from the Sales Network has been very positive. Sales teams can use the app to process requests, which eliminates the need for a laptop

Alexandre Ramos
Organisation and IT Manager at
Lusitania Seguros

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