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Luz Saúde Group entrusts GSTEP with Data Integration

The technological and data analysis needs of a hospital are not to be taken lightly. This is even more the case when a large organisation is concerned, such as the Luz Saúde Group, a leading private healthcare group operating in Portugal. GSTEP was the company selected by the Luz Saúde Group to implement a complete new-generation Business Intelligence solution. 


Grupo Luz Saúde




Business Intelligence & Analytics



Oracle Warehouse Builder

  • 900 Oracle Warehouse Builder mappings
  • 400 reports produced
  • 3 reports supporting the Management Agreement with ARSLVT
  • 9 professionals involved


The Luz Saúde Group felt the need to better analyse business indicators and gain a global insight into its operations, namely through the collection, analysis, transformation, monitoring and sharing of data from each hospital, in order to support the decision-making process, improve the services provided to patients and fulfil its contractual obligations.

Additionally, the healthcare group was burdened with an ever increasing amount of data waiting to be analysed. In this sense, it became urgent to implement a solution that would be able to process data from several sources, in an integrated, standardised manner, in order to create added value, ensure continuous improvement and meet business requirements in near real time.

Although we had already implemented a few Business Intelligence projects, including BI projects based on Oracle technologies, we felt the need to take a step forward and implement a platform that would provide a global insight into our operations and enable us to meet future challenges and create added value within each hospital,” revealed David Vieira, Information Technologies and Systems Manager at the Luz Saúde Group.

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