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GSTEP improves business processes at Lusitania Seguros

In order to meet the increasingly demanding business challenges faced by Lusitania, including the need for real-time responses, GSTEP has implemented Oracle Exalytics, the first in-memory BI (Business Intelligence) machine in the sector. Including Hardware and Software components, Oracle Exalytics allows for a high response capability, cost reductions, a less complex IT infrastructure, increased productivity and improved performance. Implementation of this project also led to increases in the speed and usability of Lusitania’s decision support tool.


Lusitania Seguros




Business Intelligence



Oracle Exalytics

  • About 100 users
  • Solution implemented in 2 months
  • +1000 daily accesses, on average (45% increase)
  • Mean overall response time of 3 seconds (70% improvement)
  • +50% increase in execution time in overnight processing


As one of the largest Insurance Companies in Portugal, Lusitania felt the need to increase its response speed, in order to meet business requirements. As it was using technologies soon to be discontinued, the Insurance Company decided to go ahead with the implementation of a proof of concept, in order to select the most suitable technologies and a reliable business partner, for the ultimate purpose of meeting current and future business needs, namely by improving the performance and usability of its decision support tool.

In addition to recognising its undisputable technical skills, we perceive GSTEP as a reliable company. We have full confidence in the team’s suggestions and in the activities developed in partnership with our company. I would say that trust is the key to the success of our partnership. Additionally, GSTEP is a Gold Partner of Oracle, holds several certifications and possesses extensive experience in the new areas of Business Intelligence (BI), which evidences its competence to develop this project.

Jorge Carvalheiro – CFO

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